Interested in playing tennis?

Despite what many people think, tennis is inexpensive to play and is not an elitist sport. All you need is a racket and some tennis balls. Local players are always excited to see new players and are very welcoming.

Rome offers many free courts throughout the city and local counties.  You are welcome to play on the courts with friends or if you want something more challenging, there are tennis leagues, socials and tournaments available.

If you are interested in playing more tennis or tennis for the first time, you have many options:

  • The Coosa Valley Tennis Association offers Tennis 101, which for a small cost, provides lessons, a racket, a free USTA membership and a free league. This is a great starter course for new players.  Many of the current players started with Tennis 101 classes.
  • Join us at a tennis social. They are laid back and meant to introduce new players to the tennis community. Usually there is minimal cost, often a donation to charity, and you’ll meet lots of great people and play lots of tennis in a non-competitive environment. All tennis levels are welcome, especially beginners!
  • Sign up for the CVTA email newsletter or like us on Facebook. Both provide updates on upcoming opportunities to play, including socials and Tennis 101 classes.
  • View the Tennis Calendar on the right side of the CVTA website. It lists many of the upcoming tennis events.
  • Contact the Local League Coordinator. They run many of the leagues in Rome and can help you find a suitable team to play on.
  • You can contact any of the board members and they will be happy to assist you with finding a team or others to play with. Their sole mission is to promote tennis and assist people looking to play.
  • Stop by the Rome Tennis Center and ask about any programs they have for beginners.

If you are getting lost in acronyms, here is a handy guide:

The Coosa Valley Tennis Association (CVTA) is the organization that operates this website.  We are a non-profit located in Rome, GA with the sole mission of promoting tennis in Northwest Georgia.

The CVTA works closely with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which is a nation-wide non-profit whose mission is also to promote tennis.  Many of the leagues the CVTA runs are USTA leagues which have state, regional, and national championships.  Many of the leagues also follow the USTA tennis rules.  The USTA is also famous for running the US Open professional tennis tournament.  One of the big four tennis tournaments in the world.